Cheer Your Rugby Hoodie onto a Long and Beautiful Life With These Care Tips


You've got a rugby hoodie to support your favourite team, and you want to ensure it lasts as long as possible. By taking care of your hoodie, you can increase its lifespan. Here are some tips to help:

1. Make a sweat-fighting plan.

Whether you are wearing your rugby hoodie whilst playing a game with friends or whilst cheering on the sidelines, it's likely to get sweaty as you move about on the field or jump and cheer for your team. Sweat, unfortunately, can break down fabric or discolour it. To avoid that, you need a sweat-fighting plan.

The easiest option is to spray the sweaty parts of your hoodie before you wash it. You can use lemon juice or white vinegar to break down the stain, and a bit of baking soda in your wash cycle helps neutralise odours.

2. Soak stained and muddy hoodies in cold water.

If your rugby hoodie gets muddy, let the mud dry, and shake off as much as possible. Then, soak it in water with a stain remover. Make sure to use cold water, especially if you have any blood stains on the hoodie. Don't wash the hoodie until the stains have disappeared.

3. Pop rugby hoodies in lingerie bags whilst washing.

When you are finally ready to wash your rugby hoodie, zip it. That helps hold the hoodie together, and prevents it from getting stretched out in odd directions with the arms all akimbo. Also, loosely tie the strings of the hoodie together so that they don't get caught on anything in the washing machine and pulled out.

Turn the hoodie inside out. If the hoodie has logos for your rugby team or its sponsors, turning the hoodie inside out helps protect the edges of the logos from getting caught on anything. Finally, give your hoodie a bit of extra protection during washing by placing it in a lingerie bag.

4. Air dry your hoodie.

When your rugby hoodie is done washing, let it air dry. Drying your hoodie in the machine can cause it to shrink. Unfortunately, when the fabric shrinks, the metal of the zipper doesn't shrink, and as a result, you get an annoying wavy zipper effect.

If you have a large rugby logo attached to your hoodie, that can also be affected. In most cases, logos are not the same material as sweatshirts, and as a result, the two different fabrics may shrink at different rates. This can cause the logo to look bumpy or weird in the middle of your hoodie.

Want more tips on preserving your rugby hoodie? Then, talk directly with a sales rep today. They may be able to give you more pointers.


27 April 2016

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