Why You Should Always Have Three Sets Of Workwear Ready To Go


What you wear to work is different for every industry across Australia, from the suits in executive boardrooms to the boardshorts you might wear by the pool as a lifeguard. For those that work in construction and other associated trades, workwear is essential for keeping the body safe from the sun and corrosive materials onsite. As well as performing both those tasks, workwear has to be comfortable, durable and at least a little presentable. That is why owning at least three pairs of workwear is so important for any hardworking trade.

1. Heavy Lifting

Your first workwear outfit should be kept primarily for days when you expect to do some really physically intense tasks. You should not be worried about getting this one dirty, in fact, that is why you own more than one set of workwear outfits; so this one can get dirty. From stains to scratches, rips and cuts this set of workwear should be put through the wringer. Keep an eye on how well the material is lasting, and if it becomes too structurally unsound, toss it into the bin or turn it into rags. Never use workwear that is obviously frayed and damaged as it will not protect you from anything other than perhaps feeling cold.

2. Regular Use

There are many days onsite that you don't expect to end up covered head to toe in mud, sawdust or oil, and for those occasions, you should have a regular, everyday set of workwear. Once your heavy lifting pair has to be retired you can transition your regular use clothing into the heavy lifting category and buy a new set for your everyday use. That way you save money on having to buy two new sets every few years and you get maximum usage out of your workwear. 

3. Emergency 

Once in a while, you will need some fresh workwear clothing only to realise that both pairs are in the wash or you have left one of them somewhere far away and unreachable. if you have to get to work in a hurry, then there is no time to go out and buy a set of clothes or wash your dirty ones. That is why having an emergency plan is so critical, as the last thing you want to do is get in the bosses bad books. This workwear can also be used if you need to look a bit more presentable than your other two sets would allow. If you are called for an interview with management or the owners will be touring the site, then wearing this workwear outfit can help leave a good impression.


14 May 2020

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