Two safety tips for those who are about to do their first major DIY project


If you're about to begin doing your first big DIY project, you should find these safety tips useful.

Make sure you pick safety glasses designed for your gender

Safety glasses could spare your sight and ensure you don't have to postpone your DIY work in order to visit an optometrist to deal with an eye injury. They'll ensure that airborne woodchips, nails or dust won't get into your eyes. However, when you're getting these glasses, you have to pick ones for your gender. For example, if you're a man, you must shop for men's safety glasses. Men usually have a significantly larger head circumference than women. As such, if your head circumference is that of the average-sized man and you get safety glasses that are for women, you'll find that the glasses' arms won't sit comfortably on your ears and instead slide off your face anytime you make a facial expression or move your head.

This won't just be irritating when you're doing the DIY activities; it could be dangerous. If, for example, the glasses slip off whilst you're sawing wood, a woodchip could fly into your eye. Likewise, the sliding off of these glasses could distract you when you're hammering a nail into a wall and result in you missing the nail and hitting your hand with the hammer by mistake. Given this, you must get gender-appropriate safety glasses. Look for men's safety eyewear if you have a larger head. And look for women's safety eyewear if you have a smaller one.

Ensure your tops and trousers have several pockets with zips

You should ensure that any tops and trousers you get for this project come with multiple pockets that have zips. These secure pockets will be very useful when you're working. For example, you can stuff a few small lens-cleaning cloths into them so that you can easily wipe sawdust or plaster dust off your safety glasses when you're in the middle of a task and can then continue to see through them. As long as the pockets have zips, these lens cloths should remain dust-free until you use them.

If the pockets have zips, you'll also be able to store screws and nails in them without worrying that they fall out when you're climbing ladders or doing strenuous work and can safely carry around your phone and use it to quickly check out DIY tips or instructions you need. Additionally, you might want to keep some first-aid items (like plasters and a tube of antiseptic cream) in these pockets so you can easily dress any small cuts you get when working.


15 April 2021

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