Why You Need the Right Weightlifting Clothing


While an old t-shirt and pair of tights may serve you well in the gym, you may benefit more by having the right weightlifting clothing.  Some people are very particular about what they wear when they are working out. Such people understand the value of wearing the right gear. If you are doing weight training, you will especially benefit from compression weightlifting clothing.  Why Do You Need Weight Lifting Clothing? 

19 September 2019

Two tips for those who have just created their first capsule wardrobe


If you recently created a capsule wardrobe (i.e. a small number of carefully-chosen garments), you may find the advice below to be quite helpful. Put a note in your calendar to remind you to send and pick up clothes from the dry-cleaners If your capsule wardrobe features several garments that require dry cleaning, then it is important to put a note in your calendar to remind you to drop these off at the dry cleaners and to pick them up after they have been cleaned.

4 February 2019